Testimonials for Jane Suen's YA novel, Children of the Future
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Praise for Children of the Future
Readers’ Favorite gave CHILDREN of the FUTURE five-stars. 

“...children will enjoy the twists and turns, and suspense and mystery. The story is refreshingly original… ”


Children of the Future” is one of those books in which the whole concept gets revealed only at the very end, where every piece of the puzzle falls into place and you get the whole picture of what really happened and why. But this story also gets brownie points for leaving a somewhat open ending, which can go both ways, and I really liked that.

The plot starts with a mysterious disappearance of school children, only one of which, Billy, manages to hide in a closet. The school bus driver, Telly, sets on his own investigation to find those in his charge, and takes Billy along to help him. Soon, Telly comes across a rather strange town with new construction sites and brand new buildings, which as Telly suspects have its own secrets…

I won’t give away the rest of the plot, but the ending was great. Five stars.

By H. Hopkin 
Jane Suen writes in such a way that you're completely captivated. Her choice of words have purposeful actions and I was motivated to finish the story and my interest was peaked throughout the entire book. This is an excellent story that every parent needs to read and this book should be recommended as a must for all middle school students. I highly recommend this book because Jane Suen has proven to be not only a philosopher of today's social problems but a person who wants to help cure the problem of violence in our schools. Excellent!

Excellent Debut Novel
By Debra H. Goldstein 
An excellent debut novel with twists and turns that lead to a delightful climax and a somewhat startling, but well-conceived ending.